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Escrow Fraud Scam

UK Companies House are aware that there are a number of websites that are offering escrow type services that claim to have a license and bond at UK Companies House.

In fact, these websites are fraudulent, as UK Companies House does not bond or licence any company.

These websites often show a genuine company registration number, but are not connected to this company at all.

These fraudulent websites typically work by someone searching on an online auction site and then agreeing to buy an item, typically jewellery, or other expensive goods. Instead of using an authorised payment method, the seller then sends the item to the escrow service recommended by the fraudulent purchaser.

After the expensive items have been sent, there is then obviously no further contact made, as the fraudster would then close down their email account.

If you think that you may have become a victim of this fraud involving any such website, you should report this directly to your local Police. UK Companies House is continuing to work closely with the Metropolitan Police to investigate and try and close down the relevant sites.

UK Companies House can be contacted directly at Crown Way, Maindy, Cardiff, CF 14 3UZ or on 0870 33 33 636.