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Fraudulent Job Offer Scam

Company House in the UK is seeing more and more complaints and queries regarding apparent offers of jobs in the UK market. These offers include sectors such as Oil companies and the Hotel, Banking and College sectors.

Company House have confirmed that adverts are being placed in reputable newspapers or websites, purporting to be from petroleum or oil companies, for a number of well-paid UK jobs.

These adverts also offer a facility to obtain UK visas through their business. The subsequent payment for these visas is then usually requested through a specific money service bureau, which can then be collected anywhere in the world.

These jobs obviously do not exist and you can only obtain a visa in the UK through the UK embassy or commission.

Any such job offers should be treated with extreme caution and you should make your own enquiries without using the information provided by the company.

You can get in touch with Company House directly at Crown way, Maindy, Cardiff, CF 14 3UZ or on 0870 33 33 636. Their office is open 08:30-18:00 UK time Monday to Friday with the exception of UK National holidays.